bloodtestJust like the first time you go into a new doctor he/she asked you what you are here for.  Generally EVERY new patient gets a starting blood panel. That is where they take your blood and compare it to the “normal range”.  When the results are returned to your doctor he/she will review those results with you and determine what you need to do to improve them.

Our business blood test will do the same.  Therefore before we can offer ANY recommendations we will need to run your test.  We will take your companies blood and run a test to see how your are doing compared to others who are just like you.  In the general cost of things ….Not very expensive but VERY NECESSARY before we can see what is happing in your business.

If your consultant does not perform a peer test then you’re working in a vacuum.  The information they are providing is not quantitative is just “what they think”.  Be careful!!!