What does a mentor do?

Mentoring is about one person helping another to achieve something. More specifically business mentoring is about helping the client understand what they want their business and their life to accomplish.  It is about showing them by example a providing them help, encouragement and support they need in a non-threatening way.

Every person needs help, if they are going to make forward steps, in a manner that the client will appreciate and value.  Skills, steps, accountability and encouragement that empowers them to move forward with confidence toward the goals they want/need to achieve.

My mentoring objectives are all about creating a comfortable environment, yet financially accountable, where you will feel and be challenged to discuss your wants, needs and confidential circumstances openly. We all need goals and objectives. If you don’t have goals, company objectives and are able to articulate those to your business key executives you will probably become stagnant and stall in your life and your business.

In our jobs, lives, faith, marriages and families there are expectations and standards which we need to meet to have our lives have balance, meaning and a sense .  Many of the most  formal business training programs lack the mentoring element.  Most people are NOT comfortable and far to closed off to discuss our very personal matters and articulate their wishes hopes and dreams with anyone they work with.

Mentoring represents a way for every person to get the personal attention necessary to develop the answers to those questions which perplex them.  It introduces an independent and objective source of help outside of their existing business relationships. Mentoring is a confidential one-to-one relationship, although I’ve had some great family business mentoring sessions.  The success is having a mentor that you TRUST.  This TRUST will provide you the most benefit.