L.D. “Spike” Bailey

Mr. Bailey is a third generation small business owner. Who grew up at the side of his fathers/grandfathers business.  For more than 25 years his clients were the CEO’s, CFO’S  of fortune 1000 and private domestic and International Corporations largest manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. Over the course of his career he structured and completed hundreds of millions of dollars in innovative financial tax driven transactions.  These corporate giants used his skill and services to drive cost from their operations. His hands on operational experience combined with his understanding of financial statements allowed him to develop selling methods and SVB models used by the financial officers under taking LVB analysis.

After experiencing the corporate world. He took over his fathers business and has personally experienced many of the hard issues related to the succession of a family business.  He currently  dedicates his time to other family companies who are serious about growing and passing their business on to their heirs. He remains committed to dealing with the “tough” issues as they relate to the heirs and their business gifting. Identifying their personal shortfalls and helping them overcome them for the good of themselves and the business.

This is not easy work for hyper emotional situations.  Many years and feelings have made them not function well.  Many have enabled and failed to identify the necessary skills which are needed in the family business.  Just like the smothers brothers “but Mom or Dad loved you more” those biases are real and can cause some serious issues if not dealt with openly.

“Family businesses are messy”!  Many times they can turn the tightest families into complete enemies.  Mr. Bailey has held board positions in four leasing companies and multiple non profits, founded eight other companies, including two equipment leasing companies, fleet maintenance, retail food, food distribution, record publishing, kiosk manufacturing, elder care services, consulting, agribusiness, and marketing survey system/services. He has held CEO, COO, CFO and executive officer positions with responsibility over national accounts sales, operations, finance, maintenance, credit, accounting, administration, remarketing and asset disposal. His personal experience in how each department interrelates to the other allows him to reconnect the elements necessary to create team solutions which will refine and assure continued profitability. His specific knowledge of complex equipment leasing structures and transactions allowed him to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice where he served as an expert witness.

Currently, he manages his real estate portfolio, and acts an equity participant and sponsor for Tenant In Common commercial properties that he identifies, ownes and manages.

As a SCORE volunteer/mentor he works with a special Business Assistance Team of specialists to solve issues for locally owned family businesses. This BAT team works with their clients to identify, improve, expand and solve current financial and operational issues. He is part of a team that has pioneered new programs with local Universities to expose their graduate students to the realities of actual problem solving issues. Allowing them to be better prepared to compete and succeed in today’s difficult business environment.