Grovtec was started in 2007 by Bob and Debbie Grover.  This family business continues under their constant supervision and super work ethic.  Since it’s inception they have tirelessly worked to meet the needs of the shooting industry and each customers that has entrusted their work to GT.  (more…)

Dragontree Spa

Briana founded the Dragontree Holistic Day Spa in 2003 and since then has assembled a team of the most talented massage therapists, acupuncturists, and aestheticians in Portland and now Boulder Colorado. I met her shortly after she had opened another location and was introduced to her by her banker Mr. Terry Walsh of Albina Opportunities Corporation and very unique public service driven organization (more…)


Eric came to me about seven years ago.  He started his business IdeaMerge in 1996 after travelling throughout Europe.  He had rented a car and written a book for what to expect when travelling by car in Europe.  He found that he was also interested in this advise and wanted to do the same.  He did not have an agency connection or experience to make those rentals available.  Over the years his business has expanded to include motor homes.  (more…)

A Family Healing Center

A Family Healing Center is a full-service Naturopathic clinic based in both Portland and McMinnville, Oregon. Our Focus at A Family Healing Center is on the process of building health through natural and gentle treatments and lifestyle changes.

As a Naturopathic clinic, our focus for patients is on increasing energy, proper organ function, balancing immune response, preventing chronic illness, and aging gracefully and beautifully.

We have worked closely with Spike for over a year. Not only is he a very smart business man with creative entrepreneurial ideas, but he also has a good heart and strong sense of ethics. We have learned a great deal on how to communicate effectively with employees and manage our business efficiently, which has greatly improved our profit. We have also gained a better knowledge on how to make complex decisions in an organized and effective manner.

We absolutely feel that Spike has put a lot of thought and energy into our success and for that, we will always be extremely grateful. He has become like family to us! Thank you, Spike, for all that you do for us.



Trade Tools

Trade Tool started in 1998 as Rent Trend and in 2002 the names were changed to Trade Tool & Supply Corporation, and in 2010 the name was shortened to Trade Tool.

We are a “Full service supplier to the professional trades”. This means Trade Tool not only sells hand tools and industrial equipment, but we rent and service equipment as well.

Hank asked me to become involved with TT to help with organization, sales, and motivational issues.  His other businesses where totally absorbing his time and he just did not have enough arms and legs to dedicate much if any time to TT.

For many months I took on the role of marketing manager, sales manager, and general manager.  We commenced a weekly meeting schedule which would allow us to develop some KPI’s, establish some goals and develop the team for meet and understand those goals.  During the course of our time together we were able to institute a equipment utilization rental program, a CMS program for selling, incentive programs for sales personnel, marketing programs for on line orders, a calling program for outside sales personnel and an inside sales calling program.  Each of these initiatives was implemented with his team.  The team soon was able to understand and manage their own KPI, lead there own meeting and account for their own programs.  In other words I worked my self out of a job.

Hank and I remain great friends to this day and I look forward to those opportunities now and in the future where we can just enjoy spending more time together.

I just recently assisted him in acquiring another company and it’s product to add to his stable of companies.

“Spike took a bunch of employees with negative habit patterns, and wore than down, with kindness, into submission. His tenacity changed the culture of the organization forever. Lots of common sense, combined with multi-faceted experience, delivered with style and passion.”

Sakura Design and Builders

“A building is forever; build it right the first time. Create something unique and beautiful for society while preserving the Earth and its resources.” -Taka Nakagawa

The Sakura Group is a full-service design-to-build group offering residential construction clients unique design services and innovative residential remodeling solutions. Our experienced team brings decades of experience in design, development, and construction to every project we undertake.

The Sakura Group offers a collection of investment opportunities in Real-Estate Development projects throughout the City of Portland. Our projects, powered by your investment, improve the community they are built in and offer benefits for neighbors. Our philosophy of development and design with intent ensures we have a positive impact in the communities in which we work.

During a time of need, Spike came became an instructional and supportive “rock” for my husband and me. Our business was in need of some basic, yet very crucial prioritizing and rebuilding. Spike has the gift of being able to hear well and to navigate through confusing issues He offered sincere and intelligent ideas for us to implement. My husband’s need for business information were well fulfilled and my need for understanding and compassion were fulfilled. Spike was able to speak to both of us in ways that we could both understand. We were able to build a more stable foundation for our business and continue to grow for this new, more solid foundation. With the ideas and support we gained from Spike, I am happy to say that our business was able to make it through a very challenging time and we are well on our way to fulfilling our business goals and dreams!