Chief Marketing Officer.

Most small companies are very dependent on their ability to validate and determine where their next market is and how to reach it.  Where they struggle is who do they assign the marketing responsibly to on their staff.  They may have somone on their staff that has some interest but no marketing experience.  They know they want something they just don’t know what they don’t want. 

I’ve actually heard owners speak about their marketing department when they are actually the SALES department. The will say we are marketing our service when they are really selling.  They use the term interchangebly and don’t know the difference.  Their SALES personnel don’t want to be considered sales people (Sales had a negative connotation) so they want to be called marketing people. 

Generally, that is a dead give away to me.  If your sales people want to be called marketing then they are probable NOT sales people.  You would be better served to have them market themselves for their next job.  But they would probably never leave.  So my advise is to have them market for your competition.  You might be surprised by how much business you can get from your competitor in a short period of time with their help!

Marketing has the main responsibility of leading the internal effort to identify, evaluate and select market opportunities, and develop the strategies and tactics for achieving leadership in your target markets. 

Sounds different than selling doesn’t it?  But do you need MARKETING people for the long run?  Depending on your company you might need them all of the time but is smaller companies that is highly unusual unless your on a major product diversity grown curve.  If you just plodding at the same old service business you may need (some fresh ideas) and CMO for a little while.  To find or clarify your existing markets, customers, assist in re branding, determining the market validity of a new product lines or markets. 

Often marketing lacks clear accountability, providing resources for research, PR, do you want or need to go to trade shows, possibly new product definitions or where to generate more leads. 

Marketing defines your market messaging, opportunity, where and how you position your product and or services. Without marketing establishing clear objective and regular accountability for those objective you will not reach your market.  Marketing integrates your business it will align your sales goals, cause and document a return on your marketing investment, differentiate your product(s) from your competitors, managing your brands, and identify new business opportunities from you existing customers base. 

I can help you solve many of your small business marketing challenges from increasing market share and margin, achieving and articulating a competitive advantage, creating a new brand strategy, implementing a customer relationship managment system, benchmarks and attracting more profitable customers.  I will show you and your people how to identify your new focus, create your new vision then drive your vision by helping you create the roadmap required to direct your management and organization  to reaching that goal. Do you need?

  • New Brand or Brand Strategies
  • To reposition your Company or your Company Message
  • Lead Generation and Management
  • Customer Relationship Management plan and program(CRM)
  • How are you going to market online.
  • What are the most profitable channels to Market?
  • Assessing your products strengths and weaknesses.
  • Product elimination, repackaging, or positioning.
  • Product Portfolio Assessment and Repositioning
 If your having trouble sleeping at night worrying over:
  • Why our products are not connecting with our prospects and services?
  • Why is our competition pounding us with services and pricing that we’re having difficulty competing with?
  • We can’t seem to find more customers who are interested in doing business with us.
  • How do we differentiate our company and our products?
  • How do I broaden my sales reach?
  • Why are our customers not coming back?
  • What can I do to increase customer retention and loyalty?
  • Are you constantly being bombarded by people wanting you to spend marketing/advertising dollars but how do you measure the return on those marketing dollars.

When your business requirements call for immediate marketing action, I provide leadership “on-demand” for rapid, focused, cost-effective outcomes that can drive change and sales, and increasing revenues.

If time is of the essence you need a proven marketing leader to ensure that your go-to-market strategies are on target, your messages are compelling directed right to your ideal customer base, and your collateral and sales tools support all your sales channels.  Give me a call, we’ll have a brief visit to see if I can be of help.