CFO’s are the heart and financial sole of your business.  Without a good one you can suffer more financial difficulties than you can possibly anticipate.  You can loose:

Your ability to produce accurate financial information. 

That will result in acute questioning by your existing banking relationships and potentially tripping loan covenants that you did realized existed until your loans are considered “out of trust” by your lender.  When your trip those covenants you are by defination going to suffer more rigorous scrutiny of your financial condition and generally tighter more onerous covenants for the future.

Without strong internal controls, efficient processes, and accurate financial information for management decision-making and communication your lenders will start to get very hard to deal with.  Whether your problems are in the processes and procedures of finance and accounting, managing your bank relationships, debt and cash flow.  Or understanding what your bank’s underwriters are focusing on in your balance sheet you CFO needs to know what is financially going on in your business.  Failure to be able to have an accurate representation of your financial condition will result in the restriction of your operations, limit your ability to raise more capital and effect virtually every aspect of your business.  Good financial management is critical to your success!! 

I consider the “finance management” as a strategic management component, your interim CFO should  have a long histories of financial management.  I understand and focus on the detailes, tactical execution of financial management.

So when your company needs won’t  justify a full-time CFO or your currently looking for the right permanent CFO to meet your needs–whether for one day or five days a week give me a call. 

Establishing Key business Indicators (Scorecards and Metrics)

•Cash Flow Optimization

•Financial Restructuring and Investment Strategies

•IPO / Exit Preparation