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Strugging with managing family members in your family business?

Is your business stuck and you just don’t have the time or knowledge to get it going?

Why did my bank turn be down? Want to know the real secrets…

  • "Spike Bailey offers a rare combination of experience, wisdom and clear insight. I've worked with him in a variety of consulting roles and I am continually impressed by how he is able to offer fresh and insightful advice that shifts the business paradigm for many entrepreneurs. I've involved Spike in a consulting role with my clients and I will look forward to seeking his help for years to come."–Greg Kubin, CPA, CITP Omnia Business Solutions, Inc

  • I have worked with Spike for years and he has changed my mindset, my business, and my life for the better!  I have worked with numerous coaches and Spike is different.  He has so much experience that he brings to the table, he really instills confidence in me and guides me sweetly, but firmly to taking action.  I can't say enough how grateful I am for Spike. You will be too!–Briana Bolton,CEO Dragonstree Spa's

  • In my business and professional career, nobody has made a greater impact on myself and company more than Spike Bailey. He was able to tell the financial narrative of my company and help construct our first written business plan. Within three months he was able to step into the vision and discover the strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and threats - giving the perfect amount of direction and encouragement that was needed to move forward in the plan. Not only will your business benefit with Spike involved, but as a leader and business owner, you will personally be challenged and grow in ways you’ve yet to discover.–Bob Dalton CEO Sackcloth and Ashes

  • During a time of need, Spike came became an instructional and supportive “rock” for my husband and me. Our business was in need of some basic, yet very crucial prioritizing and rebuilding. Spike was able to speak to both of us in ways that we could both understand.With the ideas and support we gained from Spike, I am happy to say that our business was able to make it through a very challenging time and we are well on our way to fulfilling our business goals and dreams!–Nina and Taka Nakagawa Owners Sakuro Contruction

  • We have worked closely with Spike. Not only is he a very smart business man with creative entrepreneurial ideas, but he also has a good heart and strong sense of ethics. We have learned a great deal on how to communicate effectively with employees and manage our business efficiently, which has greatly improved our profit. We have also gained a better knowledge on how to make complex decisions in an organized and effective manner. We absolutely feel that Spike has put a lot of thought and energy into our success and for that, we will always be extremely grateful. He has become like family to us! Thank you, Spike, for all that you do for us."–Dr. Jessica and Jason Black  Family Healing Center

  • Spike’s coaching was invaluable to me and to my business. I learned to identify issues, establish key performance indicators, measure them and use them to lever my business forward. Spike was not going to let me off easily. He just kept asking me the tough questions that helped me see things more clearly, less emotionally and more broadly. Then he held me accountable for achieving the goals that emerged. Spike is not only insightful and inspiring but also truly empathetic. His great business instincts and years of “in the trenches” knowledge go hand in hand with his positive attitude, listening skills and giving nature. And at bottom of all these is the humility which only the great ones exercise. He’s rare bird. Nearly every day I thank goodness that he’s on my side. And when Spike’s on your side, he’s all in. His coaching will fit any business leader or executive manager who really wants to perform at a higher level. Eric Bredeson President Ideamerge

  • Spike took a bunch of employees with negative habit patterns, and wore than down, with kindness, into submission. His tenacity changed the culture of the organization forever. Lots of common sense, combined with multi-faceted experience, delivered with style and passion. Hank Stukey CEO Terra Hydra

  • Spike is an awesome person. He has mentored me and some of my key employees since 2011. He was instrumental in our company gaining a new banking relationship. We went from having no operating lines of credit to a $1,000,000+ credit line. With this additional financing we were able to double our business in 24 months. His faith, positive attitude, communication skills, expertise, work history, family owned company background, and overall knowledge, has been a key to our success! Bob Grover President Grovtec